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Portuguese School of Union is a community school and a non-profit association. Not being linked to any club, it belongs to the parents of the students who attend it. The program is managed by the parents in collegiality with the teachers. The curricular part is in charge of the Pedagogical Director and the teachers, and the extracurricular and socialization component is in charge of the parents under the guidance of the teachers. The Portuguese School of Union belongs to the Camões Institute's network of schools and therefore follows a curriculum designed for teaching the Portuguese language abroad provided for in the document QuaREPE (Framework of Reference for Teaching Portuguese Abroad). All the books we use are offered by Instituto Camões and therefore follow the guidelines set out in the QuaREPE document. We focus our teaching on preparing students for the following components: Listening, reading, oral production and interaction, and written production and interaction from levels A1 to B2. At the end of the 7 years of schooling, the student must acquire at least level B2, which is the level professionally required by QuaREPE. The Portuguese School of Union is open from September to June, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, after school hours, starting at 4:30 PM. Classes are currently exclusively online and last 45 minutes. Children from 6 or 7 years old to 15 or 16 years old can apply.


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