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About The School

The Portuguese Language School of Union was founded in 1982 by a group of parents who wanted to offer this service to their own children. The school is not associated with any club or association, is itself an institution without profit. The pedagogical part is in charge of a Pedagogical Director and the teachers. The administrative part is the responsibility of the parents.

The school has a Board of Parents, which is made up of an elected group of parents of students who attend the school. They are responsible for financial management and execution of tasks for the proper functioning of the school.

Over the past four decades, the Escola Portuguesa de Union has had a real dedication from parents who have served the school as members of the Parents’ Board, event organizers, fundraisers and other functions, always in the spirit in which the school was founded. Years go by, students finish their seven years of schooling and new parents have appeared for the various administrative positions at the school. To them owes the great success of this School!

Among its former students, there are already doctors, social workers, computer programmers of computers, lawyers, graphic artists, teachers, administrators of companies, among others. These professionals use their language skills in Portuguese in the performance of their careers.

The Escola Portuguesa de Union signed a protocol with Instituto Camões, which is a public institute integrated in the indirect administration of the Portuguese State, which promotes teaching Portuguese language and culture internationally

Staff-PTA and Teachers

Vania Cerqueira |

My name is Vania Cerqueira and I am the current….......

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Daniela Silva | Director | First Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Daniela Silva. I was born in….......

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Liliana Almeida | Vice President

Hello, my name is Liliana Almeida. I was born in….......

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Cristina Carvalheiro | 5th, 6th and 7th Grade Teacher

My name is Cristina Carvalheiro.  I was born in Coimbra,….......

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Soraia Mendes | 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Soraia Mendes. I was born in….......

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Lillian Cerqueira | 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Hi! I'm Professor Lillian Cerqueira. I was born in Livingston,….......

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George Vigario |

My name is George Vigario, I’m a resident of Union,….......

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Ana e Renato Pereira | Members of PTA

We volunteered to act as secretary for the Portuguese Language….......

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