What is the annual party?


The annual party is our biggest fundraising event. It is a party that the parents start organizing a few months before. Usually, it’s a Sunday, we go to a restaurant, and all the families and friends are invited to participate. A big moment of the party is our tricky-tray fundraising organized by our families who asked for donations or advertising baskets. Another important moment is the tribute to the students who graduated the year before the party. They get their certificates.  We also put together a yearbook where we can see what we did throughout the school year, the graduates can have a picture with a message from their proud families, and every parent can post a picture and a message to show their love to their children. This book is also an important part of our fundraising because we have local businesses advertising our event. Parents have an important role in this party by helping us get donations and advertisements for the tricky tray event and the yearbook.