What activities can parents volunteer for?


The Portuguese School belongs to the parents of the students who attend it. To prevent the tuition fee from being too high, parents should volunteer for jobs such as the following:

  • Belonging to the Parents Board that meets once a month and is responsible for managing the school (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and members).
  • Organize Bowling.
  • Organize the Christmas Party.
    • Fundraising for the Christmas Party.
    • Preparation of the book for the Christmas Party.
  • Organize the Annual Party.
    • Raising sponsorship for the Annual Festival book.
    • Preparation of the book for the Annual Festival.
    • Raising sponsorship for the baskets of the Annual Party.
  • Organize the School Tour.
  • Organize a spelling bee.
  • Raising funds from other institutions (companies, banks, etc.).
  • Social communication (Photographing events, writing articles for newspapers).
  • IT support: organize and maintain the school’s IT structure (website, Google account, wiki, chronomaps.net, Moodle, online registration and payments, etc.).
  • One parent per class to manage communication between parents.
  • Organize events to which we are invited:
    • Organize Portuguese Language Day.
    • Arrange for the flag hoisting at City Hall.
    • Organize Portugal Day at PACA.
    • Portugal Day Parade in Elizabeth.